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B O N D I | $47.00

H A W A I I | $47.00

L I S B O N | $47.00

M I L A N | $47.00

M Y S T I C | $47.00

K I N D   W O R D S

  • "I love my new coming soon page, I am new to WordPress and I was able to install the theme myself thanks to the easy installation instructions."

    -Ana Gabrielle

  • "If you are looking for a new theme that is lovely and easy to install then I can highly recommend buying from this shop. The design is beautiful and the instructions supplied with this are amazing! Every step is explained fully (there are some videos too) and so it is easy to install and it looks just like the demo. Thank you so much."

    -Jo Robson

  • "Site is perfect! Love it and easy to create!"

    -Jennifer Panehal

  • "Love the looks of it. Perfect blog template!"

    -Line Kvick

  • "Beautiful site! Quick to set up with easy instructions to follow. I was expecting to spend too much time trying to figure it out but it was much faster than expected."

    -Holly Barrett

  • "I am SO happy I found your themes, and for such a great intro price!! I love the simple beauty that they offer, and that my clients won't have a difficult time maintaining their site once I am finished with it. Thanks for these :)"

    -Vanessa Mullen



We also have a number of web design kits at our sister brand Sugar+Code !

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Set Up Services

Let our designers set up your site like the theme’s demo!
See full list of inclusions.

ADD TO CART | $149


Let our designers take care of it all, all on a small business budget!
See full list of inclusions.

ADD TO CART | $360


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