WordPress is Awesome: Why Your Business and WordPress Are a Perfect Match

why wordpress is awesome



When deciding to create your own Blog, Website or Ecommerce Store, the first big decision is going to be which Content Management System or Platform will you use. With a bit of googling you’ll soon realize there are extensive options.

In this post today I’m going to provide you with why I think WordPress is Awesome, and why its the only platform we create our websites with at Boutique Web Design Studios.

1. WordPress is Awesome

WordPress powers about 24% of the all sites on the internet, which is incredible and also demonstrates your in good hands!

It’s extremely powerful, adaptable, secure, easy to use, cost-effective and I’ll go so far as to say it has everything your looking for, plus everything that you hadn’t even realized you needed yet.

2. You Own The Rights To Your Website

WordPress is an open source (free!) Content Management System or CMS for short.  When creating a web presence with WordPress you own your website – which is important because it means you are in the driving seat and what you say goes. Websites built upon other platforms and frameworks do not necessarily grant you ownership. It’s definatly worth verifying your rights of ownership before committing to a platform, framework, designer or developer.

3. It’s Easy To Use

The dashboard to your website of WordPress is clean, simple and straightforward. If you don’t code, don’t worry. The WordPress dashboard; where you can create blog posts and webpages, has been compared to an online version Microsoft Word so you wont feel out of place. And if you’d like to code, you can do that too.

4. Easy To Add Files

We are visual creatures and luckily WordPress provides a complete solution for integrating multimedia files. A media manager allows users to add images, videos and audio straight into your webpages and blog posts. You can even easily format and edit media before you publish.

5. Extensive Design & Functionality

WordPress websites offer ever increasing design, functionality and features due to its structure to utilize themes and plugins. “Can WordPress do this?” It’s one of the most common questions and I’ve honestly never said no.

6. Cost-Effective

WordPress websites are very cost-effective because they are 100% owned by their owner. This means the website maintenance costs are in your hands to choose a domain name and hosting service provider, usually costing less than $200 a year. Where as a ‘platform’ provider may charge a monthly fee (or in some cases a commission on all your sales!) to use their platform and host your website.

7. Community

WordPress has a huge community of website creators and owners, WordPress pros, theme designers and developers, plugin developers as well as community forums and extensive YouTube tutorials. You’ll never be left high and dry if you reach out.

8. It’s a Win-Win

From a clients point of view – WordPress is very easy to use – No one wants to receive a new beautiful site if managing or tweaking it puts your stress into overdrive.

From a designers perspective – it’s vital your client’s web platform will be easy to manage (if they choose to do it themselves) be SEO-friendly, secure and adaptable to new features and technologies that the future may bring. WordPress delivers in all these areas.


If your looking to create a professional and stylish online presence, especially one that is SEO-friendly and adaptable to new features, I recommend WordPress wholeheartedly.

FYI there are two versions:

1. The WordPress.org version; which is self-hosted and you can do anything with.

2. The WordPress.com version; which is the free-hosted blogging platform.

If you’d like us to take care of your project from start to finish, including free set up and registration of your domain name, hosting and SSL certificate, please Reach Out – We’d love to collaborate and see what we can create together!

Update: We are excited to announce the launch of our WordPress Themes


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