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Domain + Hosting

Highly recommended full provider of domains, hosting and SSL certificates. Quickest and most helpful customer service I’ve experience from a web provider and I really appreciate registering everything under with 1 provider because it makes managing and renewals so much easier.

Blue Host
Cheap and solid hosting if you’re just starting out with a personal blog or small business website. Not suitable for high traffic commercial or eCommerce sites – for these I’d recommend Name Cheap above.

Email Marketing

Cheapest way to get started with growing an email list – free for up to 2000 subscribers!

Best email marketing software with smart features designed for bloggers and a beautiful, intuitive interface with unlimited email sending.

Branding + Logos

Creative Market
Browse through feminine and affordable pre-made and customizable logos from creatives around the world.

Browse through high quality and affordable pre-made or custom logos and branding design from creatives around the world.

Brilliant Blog Brand
Learn how to create a blog brand that combines your style, your values and your message to attract an audience you love!

WordPress Genesis Themes

Sugar + Code
Feminine blogs, ecommerce and landing page web design kits teaching you how to set up and manage your site from scratch.

Boutique Web Design Studio
Stylish blogging web design kits with tutorials showing you how to set up your blog step by step.

WordPress Plugins

Customizable email opt-in popup without a subscription.

Updraft Plus Back Up
Easiest backup tool, back up and restore your blog in a click.

WordPress Help

Womens Wicked WordPress
Clueless to clever for blogging babes in 1 week!

WP Fix It
A 24/7 service, WP Fix It will fix any WordPress error or issue for $39 flat, usually within just a few hours.


Build a Blog Babe
Free blogging theme and WordPress workshop: Learn the essentials of WordPress whilst launching your blog this weekend – free!

Profitable Blog
Highly recommended course that shows you the strategies to build a profitable blog and business – free!

Click Minded SEO Training
Best course to learn professional SEO practices to 10x your traffic from Google (or freelance your SEO skills)

Pinfinite Growth
Highly recommended course to grow your traffic with Pinterest.

Womens Wicked WordPress
Clueless to clever for blogging babes in 1 week!

Website Platfoms

WordPress Vs Squarespace
What are the differences between WordPress and Sqaurespace and which one should you choose? I discuss the pros, cons and pricing associated with each website platform. Vs
What are the differences between and and which one should you choose? I discuss the pros, cons and pricing associated with each WordPress version.

Stock Photography

Beautiful landscape, outdoor and portrait royalty free photography – free!

Her Creative Studio
Stunning styled desktop and blogging royalty free photography.

Twigy Posts
Beautiful stock photos and mockups for feminine and lifestyle brands.

High quality collection of royalty free photography – free!

Graphic Design

Easy to use online photo editing software – free!

Professional full-featured photo editing software – free trial


Pinfinite Growth
Highly recommended course to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest.

Board Booster
Smart feature-packed Pinterest scheduler to save time and grow your following.


Instagram Authority
Learn how to attract Instagram followers and increase your engagement – free!

Smart and beautiful Instagram feed planner and scheduler, all from your laptop – free!

Infamous to Influential
Learn how to skyrocket your Instagram following and convert your Insta audience into customers.

Monetize Your Blog

Profitable Blog
Highly recommended course that shows you how to build a focused, profitable, niche blog and business – free!

Create Profit Party
Awesome ebook to help you build and launch a passive digital product.

Affiliate Blueprint
Learn the foundational principles for getting started with affiliate marketing and how to monetize your existing content – free!

Sell Products Online

Streamlined and efficient way to sell digital products – payment processor, downloadable delivery and affiliate software all in one.

An all-in-one solution to sell physical, digital or subscription products and grow your audience.

Full-featured online store shopping cart software – physical, digital and affiliate products are all supported – free!

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to make free content. I only recommend products and services that I genuinely think are awesome. Thanks for your support!

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